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Peter Kramberger is the initiator and founder of salon culture with specified themes and venues. As a fervent European, he was keen not only to start the Salon in his home country of Austria, but also to start another country as well – Croatia. Other countries should follow and this idea should spread as quickly as possible so we can make the spirit of the salon culture a small contribution to positive change. He is an ingenious visionary with a penchant for highly creative pragmatics, a born thoroughbred businessman, entrepreneur and shareholder. His love of beauty and truth, tradition and knightly bondage make him a born salonier. As an avid cook and coffee roaster with the gift of absolute taste, he is the ideal host. He can explain to you the world of banks, balance sheets and business plans, philosophize about God, the world and its history, and moments later put a culinary revelation on the table that can inspire even Jamie Oliver.

In his professional career he has issued securities, developed real estate, managed and marketed properties, restructured, built up and utilized companies. He has developed and successfully launched brands and products. He knows the world of success, as well as the power of failure.

+43 660 6791130
Wilhlem Jentsch Straße 2
8120 Peggau, Österreich



Tihon Dedic is 43 years old and a graduate of Webster University Vienna as well as Contrugli Business School. Internationality is exemplified by Mr. Dedic, as things can not go better: growing up in Zagreb, studying in Vienna, working in Croatia for International companies and partners allover the world. His native languages ​​are Croatian and English, and he speaks German and French very well. As a fencing enthusiast, he learned toact lightning fast and focus on the target. His knowledge of fashion, pleasures and luxuries, especially in his own preparation of his special recipes as well as his industrial, commercial and banking experience make him the ideal mentor for industrial captains, bankers and trade managers who have their hearts in the right place and want to use their mind and emotions for their success. From his own experience, he knows this best and has led as the last stop a medium-sized food industry operation through the rough seas with hurricanes between suppliers, banks, employees and owners. He has kept calm, mastered crises masterfully and had 4 years of barrage experience. If this level of stress seems familiar to you, you have found your ideal trainer to build, strengthen and make you resilient.

+385 99 4326725
Kneza Viseslava 1 / Stock 1 / Tür 3
10000 Zagreb, Kroatien